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Using Reclaimed Wood Furniture For Contemporary Design

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Using Reclaimed Wood Furniture For Contemporary Design

GTAB458_lg-300x238When people think of reclaimed wood furniture, they usually think of rustic or vintage decor. That’s probably because the natural elements of the wood fit so perfectly into a rustic or old world theme. But reclaimed wood pieces can also be used to create a more contemporary aesthetic. In addition to being sturdy and sustainable, reclaimed wood furniture is quite versatile.

For a contemporary dining room, start with our Lillian Dining Table and add some modern dining chairs. Paint the walls a charcoal gray and hang a modern chandelier from the ceiling. If you have a larger dining space, our Montecito Dining Table has a reclaimed elm top and will deliver seating and style.

The use of reclaimed wood pieces in the living room will give it a classic, comfortable look. Our Kingsley Cabinet, made from reclaimed pine, looks great in a room with leather couches and contemporary decor. And the Portobello Glass Cabinet blends reclaimed wood with steel framed glass doors, giving it an elegant look.

Don’t be afraid to work reclaimed wood pieces into your modern home. They’re more multifaceted than they appear.

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