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Tips For Your Best Lighting

Tips For Your Best Lighting


Lighting is an essential part of interior design. The right kind of lighting can dramatically change both the look and feel of a room. But you don’t have to be an expert in ambiance to give your home some great lighting. Just learn the lighting basics and get creative.

There are three types of lighting: accent lighting which highlights important features in your home, ambient lighting which is background lighting that keeps the room from being too dark, and task lighting for close-up work (like a small lamp on your desk for reading and writing). It’s important to maintain the right blend of these three types.

  • Use spotlights to light up dark corners of small rooms without being overpowering. You can install spotlights with their own switch so they aren’t on the same circuit as the ceiling lights. This is a great lighting combination for the family room or wherever you watch movies. Place the couch, recliners and ottoman furniture in the center of the room and leave only the corner spotlights on during the show for mood lighting.
  • Kitchen lighting is very important for your safety. Overhead lighting is best. If you have an open kitchen and dining room area, install a dimmer switch.
  • Mix up the lighting in your living room between ambient lighting and task lighting since your needs will depend on the activity.



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