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Three Ways To Decorate A Large Wall

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Three Ways To Decorate A Large Wall

27035-980-050_pfrl-300x300Every home has one: a large, blank wall, typically found in the living room or family room, just begging to be decorated beautifully. While a standard option of a few framed photos hung on display might be tempting, we highly encourage getting creative with this space. A fireplace or television tends to be the main room’s biggest focal point, but a uniquely decorated wall is sure to catch every eye. Here are three ideas for an exceptionally decorated living room wall:

1. Multiple mirrors. Hanging a mirror on the wall can make the entire room look bigger. But rather than sticking to one large mirror, try a cluster of smaller mirrors instead. Combine vintage mirrors with some modern mirrors for a totally unique look.

2. Shelf it! Buy a large shelving unit, place it in the center of the room, style it with books and other decor, and place occasional chairs on either side. If you’re feeling crafty, you can build your own shelves and mount them on the way. This is a great way to blend storage with style.

3. Arrange some shadow boxes on the wall and place small

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