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Three Sneaky Storage Solutions

Three Sneaky Storage Solutions

DiegoIt’s a problem that owners of large homes and renters of small apartments seem to share: coming up with functional, stylish storage solutions. And even if you’re lucky enough to have a home with abundant closet space, there will still be a need to store those items you’ll need to reach for frequently. Since one can only own so many bookshelves and cram so much under the bed, here are three ideas for sneaky storage solutions:

1. Seating. Built-in banquette seating in your kitchen will give you some added under-seat storage. Rarely used items can be hidden from view within deep pullout drawers. A bench for your entryway, living room or family room can stash extra blankets or other items with ease.

2. Ottomans. Ottoman furniture is perfect for sneaky storage. Compact enough for any-sized room with easy access to your stored items, it’s an essential for any home.

3. Under the stairs. Staircases take up a lot of room. But if you create custom-fit cabinets and closets underneath, you’ll maximize the space. You can also hire a handyman to install slide-out doors under each step and double the functionality of those stairs.



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