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Three Elements Of A Modern Bedroom

Three Elements Of A Modern Bedroom


You spend roughly one third of your life in your bedroom, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s the room most people redecorate most often. From beachy boudoirs to romantic retreats, bedroom themes are creative and fun. If you have yet to try a more modern bedroom, you’ll love the mix of minimalist decor and cool, calming colors. Here are three common elements of a modern bedroom:

1. A painted accent wall. Paint the wall behind your bed a deep gray, dark purple or other soothing hue. This will set the sophisticated tone for the entire room.

2. Reclaimed food furniture. Reclaimed wood pieces might seem more rustic or beachy, but this eco-friendly trend is very modern. Try using a bedroom set made from reclaimed elm.

3. Creative lighting. Hang a modern chandelier above your bed or mount a set of sconces to the wall on either side of the bed. Any room with a modern theme must pay close attention to lighting—the goal is soft, but not too dim.

Hang three or four prints in identical frames to the accent wall, add an area rug to the room and add a bench or some ottoman furniture to the end of your bed. Enjoy your modern bedroom!

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