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How To Have Your Sweetest Master Suite

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How To Have Your Sweetest Master Suite

24027-200-090-300x300Everyone dreams of having a spacious master suite, a large master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom and a big closet. But without utilizing the space properly, using the power of color and picking out the right furniture and decor, your master suite can become just another boring bedroom. Create your sweetest sanctuary by following our guide.

  • It wouldn’t be a bedroom without the perfect bed. Your bed can help set the theme for the entire bedroom, so choose wisely. If it’s been awhile since you’ve replaced the space where you relax and recharge, a new bed may be just the thing to kick off the set-up of your suite. Our Manhattan King Bed is a great classic choice that will fit a variety of themes, while the Over The Top Traditional King will house a canopy for anyone who wants a romantic retreat.
  • Take a look at the dimensions of the room, and pick out bedroom furniture you’ll be able to fit comfortably inside. You want to be able to move around your master suite, not feel crammed and confined. If you want a more relaxed, rustic or beachy vibe, reclaimed wood furniture makes a perfect pick.
  • Some stylish accent furniture  will be both functional and decorative. An old trunk at the foot of the bed is great for extra storage, while some nice ottoman furniture provides extra seating and a place to stash extra blankets. An ottoman also makes a great addition (and a stylish stepping stool) to a large walk-in closet.
  • Pay careful attention to the room’s lighting. You’ll want brighter options for getting dressed and getting ready, but softer lighting for reading in bed and lounging. For overhead lighting, nothing tops the luxury of a chandelier, but that won’t be enough. Wall sconces on either side of the bed are great space-savers, and a small lamp on the vanity will light up the area when you need it.
  • With lighting and decor, symmetry is key. It creates balance in the room where you need it most. Consider buying table lamps and sconces in pairs, along with things like nightstands and prints for the wall. There’s no need to go overboard with the matching, but the symmetry will only enhance the harmony.
  • Feng shui warns us about a mirror that faces the bed, but that’s no reason to exclude a wall mirror from the room entirely. Hanging a beautiful antique mirror or a modern full-length mirror on the wall will enlarge the space and allow for outfit checks before you leave.
  • As you’re decorating, consider adding some accent pillows to the bed. They’ll make your bed look inviting, and they’re also the easiest thing to change should you get a bit bored with the decor.

Last but not least, remember that your master suite is your own personal sanctuary. Add a few pieces that remind you of good times, like vacations you’ve taken or other places you’ve lived. These personal touches will make the bedroom feel like it’s really yours.

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