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How To Make 2014 Your Luckiest Year Yet

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How To Make 2014 Your Luckiest Year Yet

uph-chawoo-54ASt. Patrick’s Day isn’t the only time you should think about feeling lucky. Good fortune is just a matter of chance, or being in the right place at the right time…. or is it? There are certain good fortune beliefs and some feng shui practices that are rumored to bring good luck to the home. If you are ready to have your luckiest year yet, incorporate some of these practices into your home decor… and avoid the few things we’ll mention as well.

An uncluttered entryway can help positive energy flow into your home, according to the ancient art of feng shui. Clear your foyer of any major obstructions and make sure the space has good lighting. See our tips for a well-styled entryway here.

Some believe that arranging your living room furniture in a circular formation will also help the flow of energy and help good fortune come to you. There’s no harm in trying: if you have the space, place your couch, occasional chairs, loveseat and ottoman furniture in a circular formation around your coffee table.

Good fortune can happen in the bedroom, too: good energy will come to you, according to feng shui principles, if you place your bed diagonally from the bedroom door.

This one is fun: many cultures believe that keeping vases of fresh flowers around the house will bring you good luck. If nothing else, being around such beauty should improve your mood!

Many cultures also subscribe to the theory that hanging a horseshoe above the door will bring good fortune. Most believe that hanging it so that it’s facing up is the best so that your luck doesn’t run out, but there are some who think that pointing it downwards will make the luck fall on anyone who passes through the doorway.

Some believe that keeping an elephant figurine with an upturned trunk will prevent break-ins. Elephants are symbols of good fortune in many cultures.

Burning incense will not only make your home smell lovely, it may bring good luck into your life. Eucalyptus, specifically, maintains good health and protection.

Even decorating with certain colors can improve your odds of having a lucky year. 2014 is the year of the Wood element in feng shui. To be in harmony with the energy of the year, decorate in Earth tones: shades of green and brown.

Just like it’s important to invite good luck inside, it’s also important to keep bad luck out. To banish bad luck from your home this year, kick that cactus out. Thorny plants and sharp, jagged objects are thought to bring bad luck. Also, make sure there is no mirror facing your bed. Some believe that this will drain your energy and may cause relationship problems. Finally, don’t keep your calendar hung on the front door—it’s a reminder of life’s passing days and may affect your longevity.

We at Robert Westley Designs wish you a lucky, prosperous 2014!





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