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Five Creative Uses For Ottoman Furniture

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Five Creative Uses For Ottoman Furniture


When it comes to compact, classic convenience, ottoman furniture steals the spotlight. Commonly used as a place to rest our feet or a unique coffee table, an ottoman can be a vital piece of your home decor. Better yet, you can use your ottoman for different purposes as you remodel and redecorate. Here are five ways to use your ottoman furniture that you may not have considered before:

1. A bench at the end of your bed. Store extra items, sit down comfortably as you put on shoes and brush your hair, and enjoy the elegant way an ottoman looks at the end of the bed.

2. An impromptu dining table for a meal enjoyed solo. Set a tray on the ottoman and enjoy a relaxing dinner in your family room.

3. Inventive end tables. Get a matching set of taller ottomans, place them on either end of your couch, and stash your magazines and books inside.

4. Shared space seating. If you have an apartment or an open floor plan that shares its seating, your ottoman will add instant versatility.

5. A comfortable chair. Push an ottoman up against a wall, add some oversized pillows and you’ll have a creative living room chair.





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