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Five Common Decorating Problems And Their Simple Solutions

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Five Common Decorating Problems And Their Simple Solutions

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.19.56 PMDecorating your home is supposed to be fun. But sadly, unless you live in a perfect home (and who does?), you’re bound to bump into some design dilemmas while you decorate. To help with what can be a painful process, we’ll help you solve five common decorating problems.

1. Problem: the lighting in a room is all wrong. Perhaps your family room is full of old track lighting or your master bedroom is too dark to be functional. Lighting can make or break a room’s atmosphere, and it can be difficult to get right. Most designers agree that the answer is layering the light to create a warm glow. Think of the recessed lighting (the light fixtures already installed in the room) as your base. If possible, put them on dimmer switches. Then add layers of light in the form of table lamps, floor lamps or a central chandelier.

2. Problem: the dining room is outdated, but updates are expensive. The dining room is often the most overlooked room in a home when it comes to making updates. This is unfortunate, because it’s an essential space for anyone who enjoys entertaining or serving more formal family dinners. Luckily, redecorating your dining space is easier than you might think.

Invest in a set of dining room furniture that won’t need to be updated very often. Caracole furniture is a perfect pick since the brand is known for being classic, yet contemporary. There’s no need to update every piece at once—in fact, mismatched dining room chairs are currently trendy! For more minor changes, paint an accent wall a deep hue and create a new centerpiece for the table.


3. Problem: the kitchen cabinets need to be updated. There are three easy ways to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them: you can paint them, you can replace the knobs and drawer pulls, or you can install new cabinet faces. Each of these small changes will make a big difference.


4. Problem: decorating a small living room. Abide by one simple rule: pick your pieces wisely. Nothing makes a small room look smaller than having too much small furniture in it. Fill it with a few large, well-proportioned pieces instead. There’s no need to stick to a traditional layout, either—if you’ll maximize your space by replacing the sofa with a set of occasional chairs, then so be it. Fill the rest of your tiny room with cheerful artwork and window treatments to brighten it up.


5. Problem: not knowing how high or low to hang pictures. If you’ve ever been in a home with artwork hung too high or too low, it’s usually painfully obvious. But when it comes to hanging your own prints, getting it right can be a challenge. Here is the golden rule: if it’s a single piece of art or a series of prints in the same size of frame, hang them at eye level or about 65” from the floor. If you’re hanging a collage of multi-sized prints, try to create a shape on the wall (measure out a square, for example) with the top of the shape being at or just above eye level.




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