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Decorate Your Home For The Year Of The Horse

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Decorate Your Home For The Year Of The Horse


According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, we’ve just entered a brand new year. The Chinese celebrate the lunar New Year, which can take place anytime between mid-January and mid-February. This year we welcome the Year of the Horse, which will last until February 18, 2015. The spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people’s ethos, making diligent efforts toward self-improvement. This may apply to us personally, but it can also apply to our homes.

You don’t have to follow Chinese astrology to prepare your home for the Year of the Horse. There are some customs and Feng Shui tips you can adapt that will improve your home and sweep away the bad luck to make room for the fortune of the coming year. Here’s how to get your home ready for the Year of the Horse:

  • Clean it. One of the most important rituals of the Chinese New Year is to thoroughly clean the house. All rooms are scrubbed from top to bottom, with the kitchen in particular getting a thorough cleaning. The kitchen is considered a source of wealth, so get rid of old, stale food and chipped plates and glasses.
  • Add cheerful colors to the living room. Consider purple, orange and red accents to add brightness to the room. These colors can be in accessories like area rugs and pillows, or accent pieces like ottoman furniture.
  • Add some whimsy to the dining room. Fresh design ideas and surprising combinations will attract good luck in 2014. This is the year of the wooden horse, so try adding some reclaimed wood furniture to the room. Decorate with bold earth  tones like terra cotta, gold and yellow. Add some fresh flowers or live plants to the room—they offer fresh oxygen and attract increased abundance.
  • Simplify your bedroom. The horse is a minimalist, so don’t add more to your sleeping environment. Clear your sleeping space of any clutter that has accumulated. Accentuate with soft hues, and consider adding a live plant to the room for the oxygen boost.
  • Add some decorative displays throughout your home. Once everything has been cleaned and prepared for the new year, you can add some decorative touches. You can get literal, adding a horse print to the wall or some horse pillows to your living room couch. You can also display bulb plants, such as yellow daffodils, that represent hidden wealth. Pussy willow branches can be placed in vases to symbolize newness and growth. We recommend placing them in your home’s entryway. Use a bowl of oranges as a kitchen or dining room centerpiece—oranges represent health and longevity.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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