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Currently Coveting: Occasional Chairs

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Currently Coveting: Occasional Chairs

They’re often overlooked and omitted due to tight spaces and the desire to stick to a minimalistic look, but using the right occasional chairs can really tie together a room. And in addition to being an elegant enhancement, these posh pieces will add extra seating to your living space. When used correctly, occasional chairs can be one of the most valuable players in a home.

Occasional chairs are primarily used as “pull up” seating, a way to stylishly accommodate extra company. But some occasional chairs, like our chic, comfortable Coco Swivel Chair, are meant to add aesthetic value to the home as well. If a room in your home needs a little something extra, first make sure you have the proper space to fit a fabulous chair that will complement your home decor. Also, keep materials in mind. Go with something that will blend in with your other furniture and will be comfortable for anyone lucky enough to fill that seat.

Last but not least, use your occasional chairs sparingly. You want them to accent your home decor, not take it over, so try to avoid grouping more than two together. Browse our elegant collection of occasional chairs to see which styles suit you.

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