Top Interior Design Trends Of 2014


As we bid 2013 adieu and welcome the new year, our minds are focused on goal-setting and new beginnings. While many New Year’s resolutions revolve around diet and fitness, there are also plenty of goals for remodeling and redecorating the home. Just like fashion, interior design trends tend to come and go. Here are the top predicted design trends for 2014:

1. Mixing old and new. Mixing decor themes has gained in popularity, evidenced by all the “modern rustic” homes we see in design magazines. In 2014, the focus will be more on mixing classic pieces with antiques or vintage finds. Not only is this trend easy, but it’s fun!

2. Sheer windows. Let there be light! People are shifting away from dark rooms and embracing natural light. New sheers are made from linen and wool rather than polyester, giving them a more structured, polished look.

3. Playful prints. Whether it be an exotic area rug, a set of printed occasional chairs or a patterned couch, prints are back in style. Liven up your home with something a little wilder than a solid tan sofa next year.

4. A bevy of blue hues. Cobalt blue became a popular trend in 2013, and it’s proving that it has staying power. We’ll also be seeing a rise in the use of other blue hues, from sky to navy.

5. Classic decor with a contemporary twist. After years of art deco and modern style, 2014 seems to indicate more classic interiors are in store. If you’re in the market for some new furniture, Caracole Furniture is known for its classic style with contemporary touches.

6. Self-expression. You express your personality through the clothes you wear, so why not incorporate it into your home? Whether it’s bold use of colors, exotic art or eclectic home decor, pick out the pieces that will make others know your home is yours without seeing the name on the mailbox.

7. Mixing metals. Gold and silver look great together. Instead of keeping them separated, mix it up and decorate with both.

8. Wallpaper. This old trend is resurfacing again, this time with modern, unique designs.

9. Interchangeable home decor. Rather than choosing a set theme for a room, more people are picking out versatile, neutral furniture and accessorizing with interchangeable pieces. This will allow you to redecorate regularly without spending a lot of time or money.

10. Layering. Layer your materials, textures, woods and fabrics. 2014 is the time to mix and match.



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