Top Five Ways to Get a Beachy Bedroom

You don’t have to live on the coast to appreciate the way a beach-themed home looks. A beach theme is classic and timeless, often a popular pick for living rooms and bathrooms. But because being at the beach tends to be relaxing, it’s an ideal pick for your bedroom as well. Having a beachy bedroom will make you feel like you’re sleeping in a relaxing resort every night. Here are the top five ways you can transform your bedroom into your own personal seaside suite.

  1. Add some white and blue hues. There’s something about that perfect shade of ocean blue that makes us instantly feel more relaxed. Invest in a soft white down comforter for your bed and add accent pillows in various shades of blue. Place a blue vase on your bedside table or buy some blue lamps. You may want to paint an accent wall in light blue as well or even try a blue ceiling. Color experts claim that blue is the most relaxing hue, so it’s perfect for the bedroom.
  2. If you don’t already own it, invest in some reclaimed wood furniture. Caracole Furniture has some great options. In addition to being durable and long-lasting, reclaimed wood has already been aged by nature, much like driftwood. If all new bedroom furniture is not in the budget, just add some accent pieces, like our Reclaimed Lumber Empire bookcase. White wicker accent pieces will create a beachy atmosphere as well.
  3. Get a white or sheer canopy for your bed. This will transform the entire room and give it a resort-like look. You’ll love drifting off to sleep under the peaceful canopy. String some lights around it to enhance the relaxing vibe.
  4. Dress up your bedroom window. Add some sheer curtains or some white wooden window treatments. Make some sand dollar garland and hang it on top. Your bedroom window may not face the ocean, but you can still make it look like it does! Always let the natural light flow in whenever you can. Also, make sure your bed is either underneath or near your window. Waking up to natural sunlight will always elevate your mood.
  5. The most fun part of styling your beachy bedroom will be shopping for beachy decor. Place seashells you’ve collected on the beach into glass jars and put beautiful coral on top of your dresser and nightstands. Spread seashells across the top of your bed frame’s mantle, hang a framed print of the ocean anywhere it works, or hang gold starfish-shaped art on the walls. Beachy accessories are fun and easy to acquire. You can make your beachy bedroom as casual or sophisticated as you’d like, depending on the decorations you choose.

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