Top 5 Space-Saving Tips for Small Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of your home, a happy place where meals are made. Ideally, the room should be set up for maximum efficiency with minimal clutter. This can prove to be a very tricky task if your kitchen is small. But with the right organization and design tactics, it’s possible to make a small kitchen seem bigger and more enjoyable to use. Here are five tips to save space in your kitchen:

1. Take advantage of a slim spice rack. Not only will your herbs and spices be more organized, they’ll take up very little space in the room.

2.  Take advantage of vertical space by mounting a rack on the ceiling for pots and pans. This frees up your cabinets for more storage.

3. If you have a table in the kitchen, make sure the accompanying occasional chairs don’t have arms. Chairs without arms are easier to get in and out of when space is tight. Caracole Furniture has some great options.

4. Take advantage of any dead space in your kitchen. Install a shelf above the sink or store things on top of the cupboards.

5. Clean as you go. As you’re cooking, put ingredients you don’t need away and load the dishwasher right away. There’s no need to take up all of your counter space at once—plus, when dinner is ready, the kitchen will already be clean

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