Three Ways To Decorate With Branches

All you have to do for a little decoration inspiration is take a walk outside. Late fall lends itself beautifully to home decor with its colorful leaves, acorns and branches. Whether you have reclaimed wood furniture or just enjoy incorporating fall elements into your home decor, decorating with branches is a fun way to add some autumn flair to your home. Here are three ways to take on this trend:

1. Stick some branches in glass containers of varying sizes with pinecones or acorns. Place them on your coffee tables or on the dining room table if they’re small enough.

2. Get crafty with long branches and arrange them on your fireplace mantel with string lights and small candles.

3. If you’ve got an oversized vase, place it on the floor of your entryway or atop your ottoman furniture and fill it with large branches. This will give your home a fall vibe and greet guests with a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Using natural elements to decorate your home will give it a festive touch and get your family into the spirit for the season. Get creative with the beautiful accessories nature provides.

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