Three Thanksgiving Table Tips

The leaves are falling from the trees, temperatures have dropped and Thanksgiving is on its way. If you’ve offered to host the holiday this year, there’s surely more on your mind than the menu. Your Thanksgiving table will be an extension of your home decor, a place where guests gather for food and conversation. Make yours stand out by utilizing these tips.

1. Make your place settings posh. Layer a dinner plate on top of the place mat, a salad or bread plate on top of the dinner plate and a cloth napkin to top it all off. Make sure the napkins are secured with fall-themed napkin rings.

2. Get creative with your centerpieces, but remember to allow plenty of room for dishes to be passed around. Fill glass jars with acorns and candles or make a centerpiece from pumpkins and gourds. If you have reclaimed wood furniture, the pumpkins and gourds will give it a rustic look.

3. Remember proper table setting etiquette: the salad and dinner fork go on the left side on the plate with the salad fork on the outside. The butter knife, dessertspoon and soupspoon go on the right. Place a water glass in the upper right hand corner and a wine glass next to the water glass.

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