Three Easy Winter Decorating Ideas

Transitioning the interiors of your home to complement the season is a great way to get the most out of your living space. A cool, light, refreshing home is best for summer, while a cozy, warm and romantic home will make settling in for chilly winter nights much more enjoyable. Since the first official day of winter is just a few weeks away, here are three ideas to get your house winter-ready:

1. Home is where the hearth is. As temperatures drop, change the focus to your living room fireplace. Move the couches and occasional chairs so they either face the hearth or sit near it. This will create a cozy gathering spot for winter entertaining.

2. Play around with mirrors. You’ll want to maximize the remaining natural light. Hang a large mirror on a blank stretch of wall where the light from the windows will hit it. You can also hang a mirror above the fireplace mantel to make the entire room look larger and more inviting.

3. Add warmth to the home with warm colors. Get some deep red accent pieces, decorative pillows or ottoman furniture. Add a richly colored sheepskin rug or a warm throw to the living room to create a cozy, colorful retreat.


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