Three Beautiful Bedroom Themes

Is your bedroom decor feeling a little lackluster? We spend eight to ten hours a day in the bedroom, so the urge to refresh and redecorate strikes us often. Perhaps it’s time to give your private quarters a new look.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or a large amount of time on the project. The key is to pick a theme for your bedroom design. Having a bedroom theme will give you great guidelines during the decorating process. We’ll give you three ideas for beautiful bedroom themes and show you how to achieve them. Use one of these or just let them inspire you to create your own personal masterpiece.

1. Parisian/French Countryside. There are many ways to decorate a French-inspired bedroom. You can go bold with the Parisian theme and decorate with pink and Damask prints, but going for pastel hues will be much more soothing. Paint an accent wall (preferably the one behind your bed) light lavender or gray, or consider a light printed wallpaper. Hang a chandelier above the bed and use all white bedding with decorative pillows that fit a French theme. Hang a large antique mirror on the wall, and don’t forget to embellish your decor with a fleur de lis or two. Oui!


2. Romantic Retreat. Perhaps you’re a parent with a partner in crime who needs the bedroom to be a peaceful escape as much as you do. Or perhaps you’re single and just love the feeling of retreating to a romantic boudoir. Whatever the case may be, consider turning your bedroom into a romantic bed and breakfast suite. The key is to fill the room with peaceful decor. Use reclaimed wood furniture for your dressers and bedside tables to give it a shabby-chic vibe. Go with light pink and sage green for your colors, whether that means your bedding or your decor. Make sure your bedding is extra-soft to the touch, and light vanilla or lavender scented candles every evening. You want your romantic bedroom to appeal to all your senses. Whenever possible, keep a vase of fresh flowers on your bedside table.


3. All White. Simple yet sophisticated, classic but modern. Unless you have a house full of large dogs, you really can’t go wrong with an all white bedroom. Keep your walls white, adorning them with portraits of peaceful beaches or landscapes. Get a white down comforter and top it with fancy decorative pillows. You can paint your dressers white or leave them as-is, but definitely add some white pieces—we recommend white ottoman furniture. Decorate with a white canopy above the bed, and keep some colorful flowers in a white vase to add a splash of brightness that will elevate your mood.


No matter which theme you choose for your bedroom, make sure you stick to these three simple rules: keep the colors relaxing, keep the patterns from contrasting, and always make your bed the focal point.

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