Style Your Bedroom Dressers


The dressers in your bedroom are easily overlooked. They’re not seen by most house guests, making them a target for clutter and laundry. But your dresser is another way to put your personal style on display. Here are a few ideas for styling yours:

  • Go minimalistic. Set a small stack of books in one corner and a potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers in the other. Set an antique mirror on top and balance it against the wall.
  • Go rustic. This works especially well if you have reclaimed wood furniture. Fill a mason jar halfway with sand and add a candle. Style it with a few antique vases placed in a tray.
  • Use it as a place to store and display accessories. Place old cups and bowls in a tray and use them for storing bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Arrange your perfume, hair spray and lotion bottles neatly in a corner.

Make a rule against storing clutter on your dresser. Put away your clothes, books and other items as soon as you can. Your entire bedroom will look better and more organized.

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