Stage Your Home For Style This New Year’s Eve

mickHosting a New Year’s Eve party is a fun way to get your friends together and celebrate new beginnings. This year, steer clear of the tried-and-true party themes and get creative to give everyone a party they’ll always remember. Here are some unique New Year’s Eve party ideas that will help you stage your home for a styling New Year’s Eve:

  • When you send out your party invitations, ask your guests to include a few of their favorite songs with their RSVP. That way your party playlist will be crammed with their favorite tunes.
  • Pick a party theme to make everything easier. Some ideas: champagne tasting, casino night, or movie trivia.
  • Replace the lightbulbs in your party room with soft pink bulbs to create a soft, stylish glow.
  • In addition to your buffet table, stock side tables, coffee tables and even ottoman furniture with small bites such as pretzels, popcorn or chips and dip.
  • Style a bar cart to fit the theme of your party. Party hats, tiaras and string lights will make it look festive and fun. For a casual party, place liquor bottles in a large wicker basket and set it on a piece of reclaimed wood furniture. You’ll love the way it looks.
  • Prepare your guest room for anyone who spends too much time at the bar cart.

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