Soothing Hues For Every Room


Did you know that color can have a huge impact on your mood? It’s true: colors can be used to energize us, calm us or soothe us. Being surrounded by the right colors can be beneficial to your well being. Decorating your home with the right hues can be a wonderful tool for making your living space a calming, relaxing retreat.

In Feng Shui, colors are used to bring different types of energy into the home: red for passion, yellow for energy or green for restoration, for example. But you don’t have to subscribe to Eastern philosophies to reap the benefits… color therapy is backed by science! Plenty of research has been done on the subject. For example, a Minnesota State University study found that red environments increase stress responses while a white environment does not.

If you want to turn your home into a peaceful, relaxing living space, read on for incorporating the most soothing hues into your rooms.

For your living room, one idea is to stick to neutral hues like beige, sage green, pale green, light brown and white. This will create a peaceful, Zen look. Caracole furniture is perfect for creating a relaxed vibe, with items designed to work in harmony to furnish your space. Peach hues and light blues have also been shown to be relaxing, so if you want a beachy living room, stick to this color scheme. Make sure your living room has plenty of pieces that encourage relaxation: comfortable pillows on the couch, a fuzzy throw, and a soft area rug and ottoman furniture to rest your feet.

For a peaceful, relaxing bathroom, think lilac and other shades of purple. Try painting the walls light purple, getting a dark purple shower curtain and incorporating some periwinkle accessories. You can also paint the walls a deep eggplant for an elegant look, depending on your bathroom’s design. Charcoal gray looks lovely with purple and is also considered a peaceful hue. Stock some lavender scented candles in the room to help relax you even further during those relaxing bubble baths.

For the most calming bedroom, consider decorating with shades of blue. Blue has been shown to have the most soothing effect on people out of any color, and shades of blue are naturally perfect for decorating a bedroom. For a beachy look, paint the walls a light blue or a blue gray. Or you can paint the ceiling a shade of dark blue to resemble the night sky. For a more sophisticated bedroom that keeps the relaxing vibe, decorate in earth tones and accent with bold Tiffany blue accessories. Make sure your bedroom has all the soothing essentials: a comfortable bed with soft pillows and bedding, soft, relaxing lighting and curtains that block enough sunlight for you to get adequate rest.

Incorporate these ideas into your home decor and soon you’ll have a peaceful retreat you’ll love coming home to after a long, stressful day.

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