Pumpkin and Gourd Decorating Ideas

Fall is in full swing and we’re enjoying being surrounded by changing leaves and an array of delicious seasonal produce. Even if you’ve already decorated your home for the new season, decorating with pumpkins and gourds will add a natural touch to your living space. A classic fall staple, they’re a lovely way to add autumn charm to your home. Here are some creative ways to decorate with pumpkins and gourds:

1. For a festive fall dining room table, place some pumpkins and gourds in a tray to be used as a centerpiece. Accentuate with candles and toss a few leaves around the table. You’ll feel like every day is Thanksgiving.

2. Hollow out some small pumpkins and gourds and use them as vases and candleholders. It’s an easy idea that will earn you a ton of compliments. Your homemade vases and candleholders will look great at the dining room table, on your coffee table or on the fireplace mantle. For a truly rustic look, set them on your reclaimed wood furniture.

3. Gather your large glass jars and vases and fill a few of them with mini pumpkins and gourds. You can fill any remaining jars with leaves, pinecones or other natural elements. Place them on the table in your entryway so your guests will be greeted with a festive fall atmosphere. You can also place them on a tray on your ottoman furniture for a subtle touch of fall in your living room.

4. Place a single large pumpkin in the center of your kitchen table for a quick, easy and casual centerpiece. Accentuate with smaller pumpkins at the place settings and finish off the look with two vintage candleholders.

5. Spray paint the pumpkins and gourds white for a glamorous look. This will help make your centerpieces look elegant while still capturing the rustic vibe of autumn.

6. One of the hottest new trends in fall decor is decorating with glitter pumpkins. Add some sparkle to your serving areas or the fireplace with the help of these beauties. Best of all, glitter pumpkins can easily be made yourself. Just coat each pumpkin with a layer of white glue, hold it over a paper plate, sprinkle it with plenty of glitter and allow it to dry for several hours. Coat the stems with brown acrylic paint and allow them to dry. These pretty pumpkins will last for months!

7. We love the look of pairing natural pumpkins and gourds with some that have been painted white. To get this look, paint a large pumpkin white and hollow it out so it can be filled with pretty fall flowers. Accentuate the centerpiece with other small pumpkins, gourds and candles. Your table will look straight out of a catalogue, which will be well worth the extra effort of painting some of the pumpkins.


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