How To Properly Set Your Table For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and if you’re serving a feast at your home this year, you’ve probably already researched your recipes and created beautiful rustic fall centerpieces to place on your reclaimed wood furniture. But don’t overlook the simple task of setting your table. Unless you were raised in a very formal home or regularly host glamorous dinner parties, you may be unaware of some table-setting etiquette. Use these tips as your guide:

  • Set out your dinner plates first. Make sure to leave plenty of space for elbowroom. Place settings should be evenly spaced and flatware should be balanced.
  • Once your plates are set, use them to balance the rest of your place settings. Set salad plates to the left, water and wine glasses on the right.
  • Place silverware in the order of its use, from outside in. Salad forks should be the furthest away from the plate on the left. Don’t put out utensils that won’t be used. Dessert silverware should be placed above the plate with the fork handle to the left and the spoon handle to the right.
  • Cloth napkins go to the left of the forks. You can also set them on the dinner plates for a decorative effect.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Photo by My Home Sweet Blog

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