Stressless Vision, Dream, Spirit

Available in small, medium and large in multiple colors. CLICK HERE to view all fabrications and finishes.

It is important to get the maximum level of comfort from your Stressless® Recliner. This is why Ekornes makes two or three sizes for a personalized fit for many different body types. You can swivel a full 360°. Both the recliner and the free-standing ottoman come with the Glide system which follows your body‘s movement to provide perfect support and comfort. When it comes to comfort, fit matters. Your body will appreciate the difference.

This model features a forward and height adjustable headrest.

Recliner: W: 31.1″ X H: 39.4″ X D: 29.9″
Stool: W: 22.4″ X H: 17.3″ X D: 19.7″
Seat Height: 17.3″

Recliner: W: 34.3″ X H: 39.8″ X D: 32.3″
Stool: W: 22.4″ X H: 17.3″ X D: 19.7″
Seat Height: 18.1″

Recliner: W: 37.8 H: 39.8 D: 32.3″
Stool: W: 22.4 H: 17.3 D: 19.7″
Seat Height: 18.1″


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