Stressless Panorama Sofa in Paloma Light Grey

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The Stressless Panorama is perfectly designed for the modern home. The combination of soft lines in the cushion and the armrest’s rounded shape creates an exclusive look. The legs in solid wood come in seven different colors, and can therefore easily fit in with your existing décor. This sofa also has a revolutionary Balance Adapt™ system built-in. The innovative BalanceAdapt™ system, is a newly developed function that provides an added dimension to the comfort experience. The chair’s back and seat automatically adjust the seated position according to the movements of the body. The Stressless Panorama perfectly matches the Stressless View chair. It can also be combined with the Stressless Dream and Stressless Sunrise.

Sofa Width: 85 1/2 Height: 34 3/4 Depth: 35 1/2
Seat Height : 16 1/2



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