Play With The Past: Mixing Old And New Home Decor

Your decorating style should be just like your personal style: inspired by others, but also uniquely your own. Oftentimes that may mean mixing different decor styles and blending new pieces with vintage furniture finds. Combining modern furniture with antique accessories (or vice versa) will give your home a contemporary look with a vintage twist.

First, invest in some reclaimed wood furniture for the room you’re decorating. Reclaimed wood furniture is a perfect example of mixing old and new, as recycled wood is used to create modern pieces. Then accent the room with a mix of modern decor and vintage accessories. Hang some modern prints on the walls, but embellish an accent table with an antique vase. Buy a sleek modern coffee table and top it with some antique glass jars filled with candles and rocks. It will look perfect next to an occasional chair in a vintage-style printed fabric. Place your big screen TV on an old vintage chest.

Get creative with mixing your old and new pieces. You’ll be surprised how well they work together. When it comes to interior design, trends may come and go, but creatively combining will always be in style.

Photo by Home Decor Lab

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