Modern Design Idea: The Purple Living Room

Many people know that purple is associated with royalty, but some may not know why: in ancient times, the dye was extracted from mollusks and was very expensive. To this day, purple is associated with luxury. Adding shades of this gorgeous hue to your living room will add passion and will really pop when paired with lighter colors.

To design your own purple living room, start by deciding on a base shade. Deep purples imply grandeur and work well for a more formal room. Lighter shades like lavender lend themselves to a shabby-chic look and will make the room seem cozy and conversation friendly. If you go bold and paint all four walls dark purple, make sure the room has plenty of light accents and natural light so it won’t look too dark. Otherwise, stick to painting an accent wall any shade of purple you like.

Add some purple furniture and home decor to your living room as well. Keep it fairly simple—it’s easy to get carried away with this bold color. Add some purple occasional chairs to the room, buy some accent pillows in shades of purple and shop for purple ottoman furniture. You’ll love the look this luxurious color gives your home.




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