How To Mix Patterns


A current trend for home interiors that is expected to gain popularity this year is mixing prints. No longer reserved for fashion, combining different patterns and textures looks great if it’s done right. If you’re considering incorporating this trend into a room in your home, use these tips to guide you:

  • Stick to one base color, such as green, plus white. This is the easiest way to mix patterns without the room looking too busy. You can have white walls, green printed occasional chairs, prints of green landscapes on the walls, green accessories on the coffee table and white area rugs on the floor.
  • Mix it up with different shades and tints. Instead of matching the colors perfectly, use different shades of a single color. This will help blend the contrasting patterns together.
  • Play with pattern size. Use small, medium and large scale patterns: smaller prints on accent pillows, larger prints on window treatments, ottoman furniture or couches.
  • Make sure your patterns will complement each other. Stripes and florals, for example, look great together. When in doubt, go for plaid.

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