How To Maximize Your Wall Space

uph-chalou-03AWhether you’ve got a tiny bedroom or just have a lot of things, making the most of your wall space is a great way to get some stylish storage. Maximizing wall space will help save closets, cupboards and ottoman furniture open for storing things you’d rather not keep on display. Keep your home less cluttered with these tips:

  • Freestanding wall units tend to be much less expensive than custom built-ins. Create some space for a workstation to add even more function.
  • Think vertical. People often overlook the height of their ceilings and the amount of storage that this can provide. Look for tall pieces of furniture, or stash small items on the tops of bookcases and shelving units.
  • If you have a home office with a small desk, hang shelves above it rather than trying to take up the space around it. And if you have a wall in your living room you’ll not fully utilizing—such as an area with a small table and a set of occasional chairs—hang some single shelves above them to keep small items on display.
  • Mount hooks on an empty wall in your entryway for hanging coats, and place a bench below it to remove shoes and stash things like backpacks and umbrellas.

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