How To Make Your Holiday Guests Feel Comfortable

Hosting overnight guests is common during the holiday season due to the frequent overnight travel required. Making sure your guests feel comfortable in your home will help them enjoy the holiday. You’ll feel more relaxed, too, knowing your loved ones have all the comforts of home.

Give your home a thorough cleaning, but don’t worry about everything being perfect—it never will be! A good smell in the air is an unconscious cue to everyone that something good is in store for them. Burn some scented candles or bake some cookies just as they’re arriving. Greet your guests properly, offering them a beverage and showing them where they can put their things.

Make sure your guest room (or the spot where they’ll be sleeping) has all the pillows, blankets and toiletries your loved ones may need. Ensure your living room has adequate seating your new arrivals, even of that means adding a couple of occasional chairs or some ottoman furniture to your living room. Pay attention to the minor details: keep some extra snacks in your cupboards and stock their favorite juice or soda in the refrigerator. Your guests will really appreciate the extra effort, and you’ll all enjoy a lovely holiday.

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