Line We Love: Caracole Furniture

Imagine your home full of unique furniture that works in harmony to give your living space whatever look you want to create. Imagine that every piece is handcrafted to represent high design and independent thinking, with enough versatility to move from room to room if you need a change. We think that all that imagining paints a pretty picture, which is why Robert Westley Designs is proud to carry Caracole furniture.

Whether you want to go all out with a sophisticated sofa or want to add some classy comfort to a room with ottoman furniture, Caracole will have a piece to add the perfect pop of fresh originality to your living space. The brains behind this brand encourage you to release your rules as you shop their furniture, using your subliminal preferences and unconditioned reflexes to decide what you like best. We think this idea is a perfect way to end up with a house full of furniture you really love, which is why we support Caracole furniture however we can.

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