How To Have A Modern Rustic Dining Room

GCHA204-OW-300x477Current home design trends show an abundance of blending old and new pieces, resulting in a look that’s both rustic and modern. While any room in your house can be redecorated this way, the modern rustic look works especially well in the dining room. Here’s how to give your dining room the comfortable vibe rustic decor provides with a touch of sophisticated modern flair:

First, invest in a dining room table made from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood furniture is beautiful and environmentally friendly. Surround your rustic dining room table with modern dining chairs to add a nice contrast. Or, if you like the look of a modern dining room table, add some dining chairs with rustic charm. Then place an elegant chandelier above the table to add soft lighting and a little sophistication.

Decorate the rest of your dining room based on your house’s architecture. If you have rustic wooden walls, paint them or add some modern art. If they’re classic white, arrange them with some photos of the scenic countryside and some horseshoes. Place some vintage candlesticks in varying heights or candelabras on the dining room table. No matter which of the two trends you play up more, remember that the overall goal is to give your dining space a look that is both elegant and relaxed.

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