How to Hang Pictures Like a Professional

Even if you’re a seasoned decorator of your own interiors, hanging pictures properly can be a challenge. Hanging artwork is an art itself, but luckily it’s one that can easily be mastered. Here are three ways you can hang pictures on your wall like a professional interior decorator:

1. Hang them over the fireplace. Lean a mirror on the mantle, but keep it off-center. Hang a small picture over the mirror and a larger picture next to it. The mirror will add visual appeal to the room and make your space look larger, while the small picture will draw people’s eyes upward.

2. If you have a large wall with no big furniture, like occasional chairs, leaning against it, go for the full-wall effect. If you have a stack of photos that are similar or an artwork collection you’d love to showcase, frame them and hang them symmetrically. Even if some prints wind up well below eye level or peeking out from behind a small side table or a set of occasional chairs, it will still look beautiful when you’re finished.

3. For a sleek, chic look, buy four coordinated prints for your bedroom. Stretch them along the wall behind your bed by hanging two prints side by side directly above the bed, then hanging the other two above your nightstands.

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