Five Unique Ways To Decorate With Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors will do so much for your home that they’re an absolute must-have for your interiors. But there’s so much more to a mirror than simply hanging it on the living room wall (though we also love that look). Here is a list of five unique ways to decorate your space with mirrors:

1. Layered with an empty picture frame. Place a large mirror above your fireplace mantel, then set an elegant empty picture frame against it. You will love the depth it adds to your space.

2. A full-length mirror makes a lovely table centerpiece for your dining room table. This works especially well for reclaimed wood furniture: place an inexpensive full-length mirror on top of the table, then add a few mason jars full of flowers to the top for a rustic-chic look.

3. Place some mirrors on your kitchen cabinets to make the entire room look bigger and more cheerful.

4. Prop a large mirror (about ¾ the length of your wall) in the corner of your living room. Place an occasional chair and a floor lamp in front of it.

5. Try hanging a mirror on a window—the mirror can help focus the eye in the room.

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