Five Tips For An Organized Office

uph-chawoo-54B-300x300Your home office is the place where you go to work, pay bills, read and write. For your office to be efficient, it needs to be organized in a straightforward way so that it’s easier to keep up on your tasks. If your home office looks more like a collection of clutter than a place for productivity, use our tips to streamline your space.

  • Consider switching to paperless billing. This will help reduce the amount of paperwork you generate.
  • Keep three trays on your desk: fill one with tasks that need to be handled today, one for things that are not so time-specific, and one for things that have already been handled (like papers that just need to be filed).
  • Never put off doing your filing. File papers each day for maximum efficiency.
  • In addition to filing cabinets, keep plenty of shelves in your office. They’ll hold your books and display decorative items so you can keep your desk clear.
  • If you have the space, setting up a couple of occasional chairs and a small side table (or a piece of ottoman furniture) will give you a place to read, converse or even hold interviews that is separate from your work desk.


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