Five Simple Ways To Make Your Home Feel New

Unless you are a frequent and lengthy traveler, you spend a lot of time in your home. So occasionally, no matter how long it took you to arrange your furniture and hang your wall art, you will get a bit bored with your home decor. And while remodeling and redecorating are fun and rewarding, they are also costly and time consuming. Luckily, even small changes can make your old living space feel new again. These five simple ideas will help make your home look fresh and exciting again.

1. Change the flooring… and we don’t mean tile or hardwood. Getting a new area rug for the dining room and using small rugs in the kitchen will change your floor’s appearance without the need to tear up the carpets. Area rugs offer both comfort and style, often changing the appearance of the entire room.

2. Give your entire home a thorough cleaning and de-clutter your space once and for all. Donate your CD collections, old books and old furniture that isn’t being used to charity or have a yard sale. You’ll feel better, your entire home will look better, and you’ll have plenty of space for bringing in new things or re-arranging your furniture.

3. Add some accent furniture. Get a new coffee table for your living room, or add a set of occasional chairs on either side of your couch. Even something as simple as a bookshelf of a piece of ottoman furniture will help give the room a fresh, new look.

4. Change the lighting. This is one of the biggest differences you can make for any room in your home. Get a beautiful chandelier for your dining room or change the lampshades on side table lamps. You can even change the window treatments in any room to give the room and updated feel.

4. Decorate seasonally. Right now we’re hitting the holiday season, so you may have already added some winter decor. But making small changes to your interiors every season means always having a home that feels new. Change your fireplace mantle decor with seasonal decor. Change the decorative pillows on your couch and your bed. Hang framed prints of beaches on the wall during the summer and snow-capped mountainous landscapes in the winter. You’ll love the big difference these small changes make.

5. Redecorate your master bathroom. This is an important part of your home! Change the shower curtain and arrange some scented candles on the counter. Make sure your toiletries are well-hidden and well-organized. Something as simple as hanging a new mirror over your sink will make the bathroom look brand new.






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