Five Quick Decorating Ideas

Do your rooms need a quick revamp? Whether you have company coming over or you’re just getting a bit bored with decor, a few simple changes and fixes will spice up your space. Here are five quick decorating ideas you can use anytime:

1. Set out colorful candy in glass bowls. Not only will this make your rooms look more inviting, your guests are sure to appreciate the touch.

2. Change your lampshades. New lampshades require minimal effort to execute but will refresh the look of any room. If your lampshades are plain, pick out some colorful printed designs to replace them.

3. Add some occasional chairs to the main rooms in your home. This savvy seating option will add elegance and function to your living room, dining room or master bedroom.

4. Frame a favorite image in a beautiful frame to hang on the wall. It doesn’t have to be a family photo. Buy a cheap print of your favorite painting of print something you see online.

5. Add fresh flowers to every main room in your home. You won’t believe the big difference in your mood and the visual appeal this small change makes.

Photo by Daily Dream Decor

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