How to Decorate with Trays

If you want your home to look polished and well decorated, try using a tray. Adding a tray to your home decor will make your interiors look more organized. Not only does a tray protect the surface it’s on, but it also adds an element of interest. Here are three ideas for incorporating a tray into your decorating:

1. Add it to your ottoman furniture. On top of an ottoman, a tray can serve as a coffee table or side table. Choose a large tray that will cover the majority of the top of the ottoman and style it with any accessories. When you have company, just remove the tray for extra seating.

2. Use it to organize your living room coffee table. Put items like your TV remote on the tray so you won’t lose them. Accentuate with some candles, vases or a stack of books.

3. Top a tray with liquor bottles and fancy glasses or a vase of flowers and keep it in the dining room.

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