How To Create The Perfect Holiday Party Table

d3087bc26f67d5ccf906ef2af65a0991You’ve spent way too long searching for recipes, shopping for groceries, cleaning your home and creating your playlists not to have an exceptional holiday party this year. But when it comes time for your guests to gather, you’ll find that they’ll spend most of their time around the food table. Here’s how to create an eye-catching, fabulous, functional buffet-style party table:

Begin with the basics. Make sure there is enough room on the table to accommodate all of your dishes. Caracole Furniture has some great dining tables that are perfect for storing your spread. Make sure you’ve got enough room for people to navigate around the table as well—you don’t want people bumping into each other over the chips and dip.

Skip the tablecloth—particularly if you’ve got beautiful reclaimed wood furniture—and stick to a table runner and a simple but elegant centerpiece instead. Then set up the plates, trays and bowls of food in the most attractive way you can. If you have any elevated cake plates or cupcake plates, they will be perfect for displaying desserts. Place the plates, napkins and silverware to the left of all the food to make it convenient for the guests. Last but not least, keep the bar area entirely separate to avoid the table getting too crowded.

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