Create A Glamorous Guest Room

OW063-300x487Hosting guests in your home can be a lot of fun. You’ll have the chance to explore your town together, cook delicious meals together and spend quality time with them that wouldn’t happen if they stayed at a hotel. Still, having extra people in your living space isn’t always comfortable. If you have a smaller home or you’re not very close with your guests, it’s important to have a special space set aside for them to feel at home.

If you’re lucky enough to have a guest room, don’t just use it as space to keep your extra stuff. Create a comfortable, cozy and attractive space your loved one will be eager to retreat to at the end of a long day. If you’re not sure where to start, use these ideas as inspiration to create a glamorous guest room.

  • Stick to soothing hues. Pastels, neutrals and white will be relaxing and warm. Caramel colored walls, white bedding and sage green accent pillows, for example, set the tone for a soothing stay.
  • Play with patterns. Printed accent pillows or a patterned throw will spruce up a solid comforter.
  • Make sure the room has adequate lighting. For a truly glamorous room, invest in a chandelier for the ceiling. Otherwise, get a couple of floor lamps that have dimmer switches or set small lamps on the bedside tables.
  • If you have reclaimed wood furniture for your dressers or armoires, you can give the room a beachy look. Decorate with shades of light blue, hang a nautical painting on the wall and accent the room with seaside inspired decor.
  • Make sure your guest room has at least one mirror. A full-length mirror is best, but a beautiful antique wall mirror will certainly suffice.
  • Keep a piece of ottoman furniture in the room if you have the space. In addition to providing extra seating, you can use the storage option to stash bathroom towels and washcloths for guests.
  • Store at least one extra blanket in the room for company that gets cold.
  • Keep a basket of toiletries in the room for their ultimate comfort. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion and soap are all things that will come in handy to someone who forgot a basic necessity.
  • Stash a few extra magazines or light reading books in the bedroom. If your guests want to retreat for awhile, they’ll always have something to entertain them.
  • Keep a vase of fresh flowers on the dresser or bedside table. They’ll appreciate the personal touch.
  • Although the goal is to create a peaceful retreat for your loved ones, make sure the room has at least one clock. You don’t want to make anyone late for the airport or an event!

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