Create A Cozy Bedroom

31004-200-090-300x300We’re entering winter’s midst, when even the warmest cities in America feel a chill in the air. During these darker months, it’s nice to have a warm, cozy bedroom we can retreat to at the end of the day. If your master bedroom is more cold than comfortable, read on.

The best way to create a cozy bedroom is to add warmth—not in temperature, but in color. You can paint the walls a warm hue or a cozy charcoal gray—or, if you’re not up for painting, add some wallpaper. Once you’ve warmed up the space with the colors, invest in some good lighting. Use sheer curtains to let natural light in all day, but make sure you have dimmed mood lighting at night. Bedside lamps and dimmer switches will ensure a swift slumber.

For your dressers and nightstands, you can’t go wrong with reclaimed wood furniture. Not only is it sturdy and stable, it’s environmentally sustainable and versatile. Having a solid place to set your book and reading glasses at night will increase your comfort. Invest in some plush bedding: a white down comforter, fuzzy blankets, whatever it takes to make your bed cozy and inviting. If your bedroom has hardwood floors, add a thick area rug or two to the bedroom to avoid stepping on cold floor.

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