Convert A Spare Room Into Your Dream Closet

It sounds like such a lavish, luxurious move: converting a spare room into an enormous closet. But in reality, if you’ve got the space, transforming a small room into a large closet is both convenient and practical. Keeping all of your clothing, shoes, accessories and miscellaneous personal items in one well-organized area you can walk around in frees up your smaller closets for other things. You will also be able to try on outfits, get dressed for big events, pack for trips and even fold laundry in your “closet.”

Converting a spare room into a closet won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Having everything on display will keep you organized and help you assess what you have so you won’t buy duplicate items. Simply break the process into steps and take it slowly.

First, assess the space. Lie out all of your clothing and take inventory of your accessories to see what kind of racks and shelving you’ll need. This is your custom made closet, so you may as well build it to fit your items. Next, invest in the necessary racks and buy or build the shelving units. Take advantage of rolling racks and wire shelving.

Take the window into consideration. You will want your privacy and you also won’t want people to look into your home and see a closet. Choose a window treatment that blocks the room entirely from the outside view, like blinds with wide slats or a long curtain panel. You can also cover the window with a large mirror if it doesn’t work with the room’s new layout.

Once the racks, hangers and shelving have all been set up, it’s time to dig into the design. Hang a full-length mirror on the wall so you’ll be able to see your outfits. Add some soft lighting if the room’s lights are too harsh to be flattering—just don’t make it so soft that you can’t see! For a truly elegant looking closet, hang a chandelier from the ceiling in the center of the room and place some ottoman furniture directly underneath it. Place a pair of occasional chairs on either side of the door in case you’re ever getting ready with someone else. Caracole Furniture offers a great selection of both for a variety of styles and tastes.

If the room has the space, set up a vanity where you can keep cosmetics, perfume, curling irons and other beauty necessities. This will free precious space in your master bedroom and bathroom. Get creative with any remaining wall space. Hang necklaces and belts on hooks and save a spot for you to hang tomorrow’s outfit or the evening’s ensemble on display.

Enjoy the feeling of having a personalized dressing room with plenty of space to get ready and keep your wardrobe organized.

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