Color Du Jour: Blue Lapis

When it comes to quieting the mind and creating a calming effect, there’s nothing like blue lapis. Perhaps that’s because of its mystical ties and ancient cosmic connections. Maybe it’s because of its rumored healing properties and ability to provide protection from negative influences. Or it could simply be because the shade of blue is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Whatever the reason, the worlds of fashion and interior design have both embraced this bold trend. If you love the look of this haute hue, here are some tips for incorporating blue lapis into your home decor.

1. If your living room is decorated with neutral hues, go for a bold contrast and invest in some blue lapis furniture. If deep blue couches aren’t your style, add some blue artwork to your walls and some pillows to the couch. Even just a dash of this color will really pop against more subtle shades.

2. If your home is decorated in beachy decor, this color will lend itself to the look easily. Paint an accent wall, find some blue vases or antiques and collectibles and arrange them on our Seahorse Side Table. Take a look at our collection of beachy decor for ideas for embellishing your interiors.

3. If you’re going for a more modern look, using lapis blue will accentuate it with a pop of pure glamour. Add a royal blue area rug to your living room and add a set of Black Tie Optional Side Tables to the ends of your couch. Modern decor is all about being bold, so blue lapis makes a natural accent color.

4. There’s nothing quite like the look of vintage glamour, and blue lapis is perfect for decorating with pieces from the past. Modernize the look with furniture and accessories that cater to a vintage look but feature contemporary touches. Our Voranado Octagonal Accent Table lends itself to both trends and will look beautiful with a bold blue vase resting on it.

5. Even the kitchen will look great embellished with blue lapis. Look for some vintage blue occasional chairs to place at your dining room table or use blue glasses and vases to add splashes of color to a white room. If you are going for a rustic chic vibe, the addition of reclaimed wood furniture will achieve this look.

6. A hot color combination is cool blue paired with warm brass. Pair your solid, stately brass pieces with bold blues for an undeniably chic look. Blue and brass looks especially stylish in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Do not be concerned about adding blue lapis pieces to your decor. Despite how well it accentuates modern home decor trends, this color is a classic you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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