The Black And White Home

Nothing packs a more powerful punch than the color combination of black and white. They’re chic, polished, classic and contemporary hues for a reason: they work, and they work well. Stunning and dramatic, this posh pairing will work in any room of your home.

But even though black and white decor is easily coordinated, this scheme is still far from simple to pull off. First, do some research and decide what kind of style you want: modern minimalistic, art deco or a wild safari, for example. Planning ahead will help you avoid chaos and confusion. Here are our top five tips for decorating with black and white:

1. Any black and white themed room will really pop if you add a third accent color to balance everything out. This accent color can really help set the theme of the room. For a safari-themed living room, for example, use yellow or gold as an accent color. Golden throw pillows, African art on the walls and zebra print ottoman furniture will add the perfect amount of exotic elegance. Other fun accent colors are red, coral, canary yellow or blue lapis.

2. If you’re going for a black and white bedroom, keep in mind that this color scheme can be a bit busy. Use black bedroom furniture and black and white bed linens, but add muted colors as well. Go for peaceful gray walls or relaxing purples or deep blues.

3. If there’s one room that lends itself beautifully to a black and white color scheme, it’s the dining room. Paint the walls dark and add some sleek black and white occasional chairs. Again, touches of muted grays will look best in a black and white dining room. You’ll love the formal, luxurious tone it adds once it’s finished.

4. Small rooms look especially grand when decked out in black and white. A small guest bathroom will look particularly elegant with white sinks and accessories and black floors or black throw rugs. Hang a black shower curtain, trim your guest towels with black ribbon and add some gold candles or other golden accessories for a royal finish.

5. When it comes to home accessories, stick mostly with pieces that are all white or all black. Black and white printed decorative pillows or cushions are the exception to this rule. This will give you so much more flexibility in your decorating. You can swap out your displays for all white items or all black items, giving your home a fresh new look with minimal effort. And should you ever choose a different theme for your room, you’ll have home accessories that will work with any color scheme.

There is a rule in decorating that states that every room can use a touch of black. Black adds a focal point of color that is grounding, and white is its perfect contrasting hue.

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